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By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Pokemon names are often punny and not taken seriously by most people. Earlier, in the first five generations of Pokemon, the mechanics were designed in such a manner that they were restricted to keep the name of the characters only up to ten letters long. 

However, it changed after Generation V after which the name of the Pokemon characters even had 11 and 12 letters in their name. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 longest Pokemon names keeping aside the “Mega” and “Gigantamax”. Let us have a look at the 10 longest names of the Pokemon characters. 

Top 10 Longest Pokemon Names

Of all the Pokemon names, the longest one is “Crabominable” which is 12 characters long. However, there are other Pokemon names as well which can be considered in the list of the longest Pokemon names. 

Crabominable (12 letters)

The character of Crabominable is based on a crab. The body of Crabominable is covered in white fur with his face having a light blue tone on it. He has round white eyes with a giant mouth. Crabominable walks on four legs and he was meant to evolve to be able to face cold. For that, he grew hair on his body. 

Not only this, Crabominable is known to throw uncountable punches endlessly and he can easily rip off his pincers and then fire them as rockets. His punches are strong enough to even stop avalanches. With his pincers, he can break loads of ice conveniently. 

Fletchinder (11 letters)

Fletchinder is yet another Pokemon character with 11 letters in his name. The character of Fletchinder is based on a Japanese nightingale. Fletchinder is considered to be one of the most beautiful Pokemon characters, both physically as well as by its chirpings. It is known to shoot sparks from its beak that can set huge grasses on fire. 

This way, it has even caught its prey many times. The fire it exhales out is often used by it to roast the prey and then enjoy it. Fletchinder also can increase its running speed according to its needs.

Polteageist (11 letters)

The character of Polteageist is based on a teapot and magic lamps that have genies living inside them. The body of Polteageist is made of black tea and as the name signifies, Polteageist has an amazing taste and aroma. No one except a trainer who Polteageist trust is allowed to taste it. 

If someone consumes too much Polteageist, it can cause indigestion easily. The Polteageist has the power to replicate more of its kinds by simply pouring itself into the leftover tea. For this reason, Polteageist is rather considered a pest. Many Polteageist is also found in hotels and restaurants. 

Centiskorch (11 letters)

Having 11 letters in his name, Centiskorch is a giant scolopendra and a radiator. The Centiskorch is capable of producing light in its own body. It does so by bioluminescence. Centiskorch has a flat and red body that is elongated in shape. As a Pokemon character, Centiskorch can reach 800 degrees celsius of temperature. 

During attacks, he uses the fire from his body against the opponent. His body continuously burns and anyone who comes in contact with his body will get burnt too. Also, he has fangs that are sharp enough to pierce his enemy into pieces.

Barraskewda (11 letters)

This character is based on a barracuda and an underwater torpedo. The meat of this creature is highly valued in a lot of cuisines. Barraskewda is known to catch its prey quite easily and the speed of this Pokemon character while catching the prey can exceed as much as 100 knots.

Stonjourner (11 letters)

The character of Stonjourner is based on Stonehenge dolmen. This character represents a relationship between archeoastronomy and Stonehenge. The entire body of Stonjourner is made of stones. He uses these stones as limbs to move easily from one place to another. 

Usually, he spends his time in the meadows enjoying the sunlight. However, once a year the Stonjourner meets with other members of the clan to form a circle and leave the same space in between

Blacephalon (11 letters)

Blacephalon was introduced in Generation 7 of Pokemon. Blacephalon has a size similar to that of a human and he is often considered a clown. It is because of the structure of his body and also because most of his body is full of vibrant colors. Blacephalon is known to have immense strength and power. His character is portrayed in such a manner that he is amazing with all the attacks that he does on his enemies. 

Corviknight (11 letters)

Corviknight is a raven-like animal. He is believed to be one of the strongest Pokemon characters. He is seen flying fearlessly in the skies. Corviknight is quite intelligent and has a super amazing ability to fly. Corviknight is often nicknamed “the graceful lord of the skies”. Even a look by Corviknight is enough to make his opponents fearful.

Hitmonchan (10 letters)

Hitmonchan has 10 letters in his name and he is popular for his fists. With his powerful fists, he can easily win against any opponent. He is so skilled with his fists that he has learned nearly all kinds of punches. Moreover, it is also believed that Hitmonchan has a spirit like that of a boxer who is ready to win the next world championship. Hitmonchan never gives up and always defeats his opponents. 

Weepinbell (10 letters)

Having the shape of a bell, Weepinbell is another Pokemon character that has leaves on either side of his face. These leaves help him to eat the food that does not fit into his mouth. Weepinbell has a hook on its back. The hook helps him to tuck himself on a branch while sleeping and resting. 

Although Weepinbell is calm and patient, he attacks his enemies if they try to disturb him. Weepinbell has his territory and if any Pokemon tries to enter his territory, he attacks him. Weepinbell mainly eats insects that he finds in the forest.


Different Pokemon characters have unique names that have an underlying significance. Each character serves a specific purpose and has unique powers to use against theorists. The names of these characters are long enough to be included in the list of the longest Pokemon names.

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