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Hot Sale 2023: Crazy Discount on Hisense 4K TV

No, Hot Sale 2023 has not yet started, although we might well think otherwise with such a great deal. It turns out that walking through Amazon Mexico we have found this incredible offer that leaves a brand new 50-inch Hisense 4K television at less than half its price. A crazy discount (the biggest in its history) that we don’t know how long it will last and that you shouldn’t miss.

Hisense: A Catalog of Good Quality Televisions

The Hisense firm has been able to demonstrate over time that it has a catalog enough to be able to give you televisions. These are models with interesting technical specifications and fairly reasonable prices that play a good role in the living rooms of many users. The firm’s A6H range (2022 model) is a clear example of this.

It is a Smart TV with a panel with 4K UHD resolution (and in this case a size of 50 inches), which is committed to Dolby Vision HDR technology, in charge of guaranteeing you much darker blacks and a much brighter and more powerful contrast than the images that you view.

Hisense Smart TV 50 Inches Early Offer of Hot Sale 2023

This Hisense Smart TV has 50 inches and is a super early offer of the Hot Sale 2023. Don’t wait too long because it will fly.

Do not forget the DTS Virtual X, with which you will enjoy immersive audio without the need for other speakers and quite powerful bass. The TV, which comes with HDMI, USB, WIFI and Bluetooth ports, it also has our TV platform par excellence, Google TV, so that you will find a very simple and comfortable interface to use, with a clear and attractive design in which you can find access to endless applications, functions and, of course, , to the main on-demand content services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, among others.

Needless to say, it has support for Google’s intelligent assistant, so you will be able to ask from when you search for the latest Premiere to control devices in your home that are connected and are part of your smart home. The bezel of this Hisense is almost non-existent.

Experience Special Modes with Hisense Smart TV

To complete the experience, the Smart TV enjoys some special modes such as the so-called Sports Mode (sports mode), which, when detecting sports content, the television adjusts certain image and sound parameters so that you can enjoy it more; or the Game Mode (game mode), which is responsible for significantly reducing input lag so that this is not a problem during your games.

As you can see, it is a very complete television with a quite attractive design, with almost non-existent bezels for give it a more minimalist look and that will fit in any home.

Amazon Discount to a Record Low

If we add a discount to this great presentation that leaves it today at record lows, we undoubtedly have the perfect purchase of the month.

And that is the A6H 50-inch is right now with a discount of 57%, a real scandal that leaves it cheaper than ever. A fantastic opportunity -remember that you can also pay it in installments for up to 18 months- that can hardly be surpassed even at Hot Comes out.

The Perfect Time to Upgrade Your TV

So now you know: if you were considering changing your TV, your time is now.

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