Gran Turismo 7 makes an ode to collecting is its new video

Gran Turismo 7 makes an ode to collecting is its new video

Gran Turismo 7 vehicles won’t start rolling until 2022, but Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment continue to fill gas tanks with new title information. Episode 2 of ‘behind the scenes’ It is about collecting, one of the most important aspects of the title. As Kazunori Yamauchi himself told MeriStation, the seventh installment will introduce more than 400 cars, which we will be able to drive on the different circuits.

“Collecting cars is another fundamental aspect of car culture. Gran Turismo 7 features high-quality models of the cars but the game is also special because of its wide variety of vehicles, including many of the most fascinating cars in motoring history, ”Yamauchi commented in the video. Vehicles such as the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Pontiac Firebird or the Toyota 2000GT will be present in GT7.

The collection has a meaning

Collecting cars will not be an anecdote in Gran Turismo 7, since one of the most mythical modes of the saga returns, the GT mode. In this way, players must gradually become pilots, buy second-hand vehicles, upgrade them and chart an upward career until they achieve the ultimate triumph.

In its constant search for realism, the studio responsible for the video game has sealed an important agreement. Polyphony Digital collaborate with Brembo to use parts of this Italian brand, linked to car brakes. The creator said that this brand had always been one of his references, even before designing the first Gran Turismo for PlayStation.

Gran Turismo 7 was initially announced as exclusive to PS5, with the intention of launching in 2020. Finally, the coronavirus pandemic has delayed it, so that the March 4 from 2022, also on PS4.

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