Gran Turismo 7 teams up with Brembo to implement its braking systems in the game

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Gran Turismo 7, the new and ambitious installment of the saga that Polyphony Digital is preparing for PS5 and PS4 (March 4, 2022), continues to offer details of what promises to be a title loaded with realism. This time around, the title focuses on brakes and features in association with Brembo, the Italian company founded that designs and manufactures braking systems. We will have the possibility of customize our cars using real brand parts, which to date has worked closely with firms such as Ferrari KTM, Ducati and BMW, among others. In our country, we can find their products in some high-end Seat models.

Kazunori Yamauchi de Polyphony Digital He assured that Brembo was a reference brand for him “even before working on the first Gran Turismo.” For its part, the CEO of the firm Daniele Schillaci has shown his happiness by “working to further improve the experience” of the title.

Gran Turismo 7: an automobile cathedral

The return of a legend of driving video games has raised a lot of expectation among lovers of the genre. Gran Turismo – and its sequel – was one of the mainstays of the original PlayStation and later did the same on subsequent Sony consoles. Now, with the sights set on 2022, PS5 and PS4 will receive the seventh main installment of the franchise and in Polyphony Digital has a clear objective: “to connect the past with the present and the present with the future”, a mentality that the studio acquired as soon as the development of Gran Turismo Sport was completed.

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With Kazunori Yamauchi at the helm, the Japanese studio is immersed in the development of what aims to become the most ambitious delivery to date. A challenge that goes through elements such as real-time weather, technical performance, taking advantage of both the PS5 hardware and the DualSense functions and, of course, offering a good amount of content. In this sense, Yamauchi told us that those players who decide to play Gran Turismo 7 alone will have “hundreds of hours” ahead of them. You can read the full interview by clicking on the following link.

Gran Turismo 7 will go on sale next March 4 for PS5 and PS4.

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