Granting Green Card to 8 Million Undocumented Immigrants

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Florida Signs Toughest Immigration Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed the toughest immigration law in the country, which will affect undocumented immigrants in the United States. In addition, Title 42, a public health order used as a deportation policy in the Trump administration, ended on May 11.

Non-Profits and Legislators Fight for Green Cards for Migrants

Several non-profit organizations and a group of legislators are advocating for millions of migrants with an unregulated immigration status to receive permanent residence cards, also known as Green Cards. This measure would benefit approximately 8 million undocumented migrants.

Renewal of the Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929

In March of this year, a group of Democrats in the House of Representatives presented an amendment to the immigration law to provide permanent resident cards to millions of undocumented immigrants. The “Renewal of the Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929” bill, also known as the Registration Act, would update a law created to allow immigrants to apply for permanent residence or a Green Card.

Expanding Eligibility for the Registry Program

The bill expands eligibility for a program that authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to provide lawful permanent resident status to certain long-term residents of the United States, including people who are present illegally. Initially, immigrants had to be in the United States before 1921 to qualify, but the law has been updated several times. Currently, the program is only available to eligible non-US citizens who entered the United States before January 1, 1972. The bill eliminates this entry deadline and opens the program to eligible individuals who have resided in the United States for at least seven years. However, existing requirements would continue to apply, such as not being inadmissible or deportable due to certain reasons related to crime or terrorism.

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The Dilemma of Passing the Legislation

The “Renewal of the Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929” bill has only been introduced and has not passed the House of Representatives or the Senate. The road to passing this legislation seems complicated, as Democrats’ efforts to help undocumented immigrants have failed in recent years. Additionally, Republicans now control the House of Representatives.

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