Gravity Falls Season 3: Here are the Updates

Gravity Falls is an American comedy television series full of mystery, comedy, adventure, fantasy, and drama. Created by Alex Hirsh, Gravity Falls debuted in 2012 on the Disney Channel. It later streamed on Disney and Disney XD, giving a dose of entertainment to the audience. 

The show has been one of the most loved cartoon series of its time, and following a positive response from the audience, the makers decided to work on the second season too. As a result, Gravity Falls Season 2 was released in 2014. 

It has been so many years since the release of the second season, and the fans are still wondering if their favorite cartoon will have its third season or not. Read till the end to find out. 

What is the Plot of Gravity Falls? 

The premise of the show reads as under: 

“For their summer vacation, 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are dropped off from their home in Piedmont, California, to the fictitious town of Gravity Falls, Roadkill County, Oregon, to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan Pines (often shortened to Grunkle Stan), who runs a tourist trap called the “Mystery Shack”. Things are not what they seem in this small town, and with the help of a mysterious journal that Dipper finds in the forest, they begin unraveling the town’s mysteries. With Wendy Corduroy, Mystery Shack cashier; Soos Ramirez, a friend of Dipper and Mabel and handyman to Grunkle Stan; plus an assortment of other characters, Dipper and Mabel always have an intriguing day to look forward to.”

The plot itself suggests how interesting this cartoon show would have been. Gravity Falls received an 8.9/10 rating on IMDb. 

Will there be the Third Season of Gravity Falls? 

The first two seasons have left the audience yearning for more. Everyone wants more entertainment and is looking forward to learning about the updates on the third season. 

The final episode of Season 3 aired in 2014. Unfortunately, the show will not be renewed for its third season. Following the release of the second season, the producer desired to put an end to the series. According to him, the plot shouldn’t be extended too far. 

It is heartbreaking for the fans to come to terms with this news. More than five years have passed since the release of the second season, and it is unlikely that the producer will change his mind. Alex Hirsch announced concluding Gravity Falls in 2015. He cleared that the show is not canceled but has finished as it reaches its very natural conclusion. 

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According to the director, Gravity Falls tells the story of one epic summer adventure and once the summer season ends, so does the story. The producer and director were of a common opinion that extending the episodes would have made the series monotonous. It would have lost its glitter. 

Know the Cast of Gravity Falls 

The voices behind the characters of Gravity Falls are some renowned names. Here is a look into the cast of Gravity Falls. 

  • Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines
  • Alex Hirsch as Grunkle Stan
  • Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines
  • Linda Cardellini as Wendy Corduroy
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Sheriff Blub
  • John DiMaggio as Manly Dan
  • Keith Ferguson as Deputy Durlan
  • Gregg Turkington as Toby Determined
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Lazy Susan
  • Niki Yang as Candy Chiu
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Waddles
  • T. J. Miller as Robbie Valentino
  • Will Forte as Tyler the Cute Biker
  • Thurop Van Orman as Li’l Gideon
  • Michael Rianda as Lee
  • Jackie Buscarino as Pacifica Northwest
  • Jessica DiCicco as Tambry
  • Justin Roiland as Blendin Blandin
  • Stephen Root as Bud Gleeful
  • J. K. Simmons as Ford Pines
  • Brad Abrell as Agent Trigger
  • Brian Bloom as Rumble McSkirmish
  • Nick Offerman as Agent Powers
  • Nathan Fillion as Preston Northwest

What Happens in the Finale Season? 

The second season marked the end of Gravity Falls. The makers made it a point to end the series on a happy note. In the climactic four-part finale Weirdmageddon, Bill Cipher manages to cross over into the real world. He plunges Gravity Falls and its townspeople into a state of chaos. Now it is up to the Pines family to stop his evil plans. However, first, they have to end their own internal conflicts. 

In the final showdown, Grunkles Ford and Stan set aside their grievances as Stan makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Mabel and Dipper. After Bill’s death, the duo says goodbye to their family and friends at the end of a long and bizarre summer season. 

Season 2 Could Create a New Show 

Despite a cold shoulder from the makers, it could be possible to reboot Gravity Falls in the future where the story may shape into an overarching mystery with a more intense plot. The protagonists, Dipper and Mabel, may grow up, replacing their childhood versions and returning to Gravity Falls again. 

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While the second season finale has been more than successful in resolving the mystery surrounding the plot, it is not hard to imagine other supernatural conspiracy taking hold of the town again. It would feel natural from a story-telling point of view if adult Dipper and Mabel would want to relive their childhood memories by visiting their Grunkles at the Gravity Falls mystery shack. 

If this plot is to be renewed anytime sooner, we may see the story going darker than ever, with an adult tone. The materialization of this idea will be very impressive

There May be Spin-offs Too 

It looks like the fans will never get over discussing various plots and sub-plots of their favorite show. According to them, Gravity Falls could alternatively have a true spin-off too. Given how popular the series had been among kids and adults alike, the makers may want to plan on either of these ideas. 

The craze of Gravity Falls among its fans is alive and continuously growing. You will spot a series of online discussions, fan fiction, emails, theories, and forums discussing the show, characters, and the future possibility of airing it again. Additionally, the series has created plenty of other related content and merchandise, such as books and a video game called Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets. 

Although the second season may have ended such a celebrated series, its impact on the audience will always remain. 

Where can I Watch Gravity Falls? 

The show is available to stream on Disney and Disney XD. 

Some Interesting Facts about Gravity Falls 

  • In the show, we see Mabel and Dipper Pines as twin siblings. Do you know creator Alex Hirsch is a twin himself? These characters are loosely based on him and his twin sister, Ariel. In one of his interviews, the creator spilled the beans about how the duo would spend their summer vacation in a cabin with their relatives. Interestingly, it inspired him to set the scene for Gravity Falls. 
  • Similarly, Grunkle Stan was inspired by Alex’s granddad. He got the idea of this name from his great-aunt, who called herself Graunty Lois. 
  • Jason Ritter, who has voiced one of the protagonists on the show, was almost replaced. Reportedly, he shot the pilot for the show, but by the time Disney picked it up, he had already committed to working on another show. That show wouldn’t allow the actor to work on any other show, which made him let go of his character. Fortunately, the show that Ritter was working on got canceled, and he was finally able to step back as Dipper. 
  • Kristen Schaal, who voiced Mabel, was the first choice of the creators. Hirsch himself stated, “In terms of Mabel, I knew from the get-go that it’s got to be Kristen Schaal or there is no show. I would have just stopped working. If we hadn’t gotten her, I would have probably quit.” 
  • Interestingly, you can listen to the theme song of Gravity Falls in reverse. If you listen to it carefully you will hear a whisper that tells you how to unravel the cipher at the end of each episode. 
  • Between filming seasons one and two, the creative team of Gravity Falls took a road trip up the Oregon coast. They stopped at every tacky tourist attraction they could find, including ‘Trees of Mystery’ and ‘Confusing Hill’. Though they did this after the series started, they were surprised at how well they had nailed some more subtle aspects of these Mystery Shack-like stops.
  • No one knows what Dipper’s real name is. In the show, he gets his nickname from the birthmark. However, his real name remains a mystery. A writer has joked that Dipper’s real name is Llominic, like the name Dominic meets Llama. 
  • At the end of each episode, you will see a wheel with ten images around the edge. Eight of them are about different characters in the show. However, there is also a picture of an open bag of ice and a llama. Nobody has cracked its meaning till now.
  • Do you know that Disney censored out a same-couple? Early storyboards of the scene in “The Love God” in which some diner patrons fall in love with one another featured two old ladies coupling up. According to the maker, “It was sweet and casual and I knew instantly that it was going to turn into a huge fight with Disney. So naturally, I left it in. They basically admitted that there was no good reason why I should change it, but that they get complaints about this stuff from various homophobic parents and would rather avoid the headache, and couldn’t I just drop it?” 

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