“Greed is triumphing”: Amnesty International reproaches the West for its selfishness regarding intellectual rights to anticovid vaccines

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The Secretary General of Amnesty International (AI), Agnés Callamard, denounced this Friday the selfish approach of some Western countries, as well as of pharmaceutical companies that do not decline the intellectual rights of anticovid vaccines, which prevents a greater administration of these drugs in poor countries.

“The UK, Norway, Switzerland and the EU (including Germany) persist in their selfish stance of blocking the TRIPS (Agreements on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) exemption, while other countries continue to squander the money. time and beating around the bush“, appointment to Callamard the agency’s website.

“The behavior of pharmaceutical companies has also been shameful: they have increased prices, they have monopolized intellectual property, have blocked technology transfers, and [todo eso] to line their pockets, “he continued.

Such a situation, as emphasized by the head of the NGO, indicates that “greed is triumphing over life and human rights“Callamard asserted that while the poorest states cannot even ensure the health protection of their citizens, the manufacturers of anticovid components, together with their nations, are on the way to economic recovery.

In that sense, he concluded that the world is “to kilometers“to meet the World Health Organization goal of inoculating 40% of the population of low-income countries by the end of this year.

Obvious priorities

On September 24, AI public a report on how major virus vaccine developers unleashed “an unprecedented human rights crisis” and created “a totally predictable vaccine shortage“.

In particular, he said, it is found that AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax and Pfizer chose to obtain as much greater profits as possible and have not wanted share your technologies to boost the pace of immunization globally. Thus, all the companies mentioned they refused to transfer their knowledge to others and rejected the proposal to introduce a TRIPS exemption.

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In addition, the document states that only AstraZeneca delivered no delays most of its doses to the poorest countries through the international Covax mechanism, which aims to promote equitable access to anticovid drugs. Meanwhile, Modern still you have not sent “a single dose” to the poorest countries, while Pfizer and BioNTech continue to sell their product at a high price.

Total, only 0.3% 5.76 billion doses distributed worldwide has reached low-income countries. This data shows the unwillingness of pharmaceutical companies to help the most vulnerable, which plunges “some areas of Latin America, Africa and Asia into new crises” with “avoidable” deaths, highlights the document.

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