Green Berets, the book that reviews the entire Commandos saga, is now available

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Green Berets. From Commandos to Pyro Studios: a turbulent journey from stardom to oblivion just went on sale for 18 euros. The volume, published by the publishing house Ocho Cailates, can be purchased through Amazon. Its author Jaume Esteve traces a journey through the history of the saga, for which testimonies of important personalities behind the development of the titles are collected.

From its birth to its demise, Pyro Studios spawned one of the most recognized sagas in the world. Spanish video game industry, a license that knew how to shape a subgenre within the real-time strategy. Green Berets features the renowned voices of Ignacio Pérez Dolset, Gonzo Suárez, Jorge Blando, Ian Livingstone, Javier Arévalo, Jon Beltrán de Heredia, Unai Landa, Francisco Javier Soler (Makineto) and more.

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All about Commandos

It was in June 1998 that Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines went on sale for PC, a title that managed to position itself at the top of the sales charts in some of the main European markets. Total, 235 pages in which the creative process of all the games in the series is shelled, from the first Commandos to Strike Force, without forgetting those that remained in the drawers and that never saw the light of day. Other productions of the studio also appear, which in its last years specialized in video games for browsers and social networks.

Jaume Esteve He has dedicated the last few years to the study of the history of the video game in specialized media such as IGN Spain, as well as in generalists. He is currently working on a thesis on the history of the Spanish video game. As a writer he has published several books such as Eight Carat: A History of the Golden Age of Spanish Software and Promanager. PC Soccer: Drugs on the kiosk.

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