Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna, winners of “Así se baila” amid the controversy

What happened in “This is how you dance“? The contest program ended its edition with Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna as the absolute winners. The contestants, in this way, took 200 thousand dollars and a statuette created by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. However, the triumph of the remembered Titi of “Sin breasts no paradise”, one of the popular Telemundo series, next to his heiress, was seen as controversial because there was another couple that was the favorite of the jury.

The competence of Telemundo reality show it has been intense. They have reached thirteen weeks of presentations in the stage, with the stress of possible elimination, the excitement of various stories and more physical challenges to give the best to the public.

Thus, the Pernía were deeply grateful for having gone through this experience with a trophy to take home. They addressed, from their social networks, to their followers who trusted their work.

Every day we gave everything and as we advanced the demands of the competition challenged us even more to improve, which led to a synchronicity between Luna and me not only on the dance floor, but in our father and daughter relationship ”, wrote the famous actor on their social networks. But not everything was happiness in the triumph of father and daughter in “Así se baila” for this controversy.

The controversy surrounding the triumph of Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna on “This is how you dance”Was generated after learning that the jury, made up of Adamari Lopez, Christian of the Fountain and Mariana seoane, had another pair of contestants as favorites to take the 200 thousand dollars.

In statements to various local media, after the end of the program, the members of the jury indicated that their favorites to obtain the trophy were Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel. “Although none of us are professional dancers, we know how to recognize work on a dance floor as professionals, and that is why we said that the winners are Adrián and Sandra, speaking at a 100% technical level, but we also understood this from day one that they left. identifying “said Seoane to .

While From the source stated that “It was a complement of things that people have chosen Gregorio and Luna (and that) they are winners, and that we understand the best, those who danced best within the competition were Adrián and Sandra”.

Fernando José Gregorio Pernía Maldonado He was born on May 7, 1970 in the city of Cúcuta, Colombia. The 51-year-old actor made his debut in 1998 in an RCN soap opera called “Mother”.

Among the main productions that have participated we can find: “The daughter of the mariachi”, “Without breasts, there is no paradise”, “Extreme decisions”, “Brave Heart”, “Without breasts if there is paradise” and “Decisions: Some win, others lose”. Pernía is currently participating in the program “This is how you dance” with his youngest daughter, Luna.

Asked about what he will do with the money if he wins the contest, Gregorio Pernía I do not hesitate to point out that a part of it will be donated to the people who have the least. This, as he specified, is a tradition that runs in the family.

It should be taken into account that days ago it was announced that the prize will be $ 200,000, which is equivalent to more than 766 million Colombian pesos.

There is a jackpot and I already told Luna that if we had the opportunity to win, of course, we had to donate a part of the prize so that God continues to bless us with beautiful things”, He sentenced.

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