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Grenergy Renovables presents a market potential of 33%

Grenergy Renovables is one of the renewables that have been hit hard this year by the market. But within those falls that are affecting the entire sector, the truth is that those of this company are the smallest of the entire range of sustainable energies. And even those losses are steadily improving so far this October. All this remembering that, last year, Grenergy’s advances exceeded 157%.

The company has advanced significantly, 10.2% so far this month, thereby diluting those losses that a couple of weeks ago exceeded 22% per year and that now remain, at the close of yesterday, were lowered, with the rise from 3.5% to 12%, although it is still very far, yes the value, of its best levels of the exercise. Of those 45 euros per share from its best levels marked in January, it is separated by 32% compared to the worst in May at 23.20 euros per share, from which it recovered 48%

While, Barclays has just chosen value among all renewables. It reaffirms its advice to overweight the value in the market compared to the rest of its competitors in the Spanish market. And its target price is 45.2 euros per share what offers you 33% market potential.

They consider that the price of Grenergy’s action does not encompass the transformation of the company’s energy mix, with a future weight with markets like Spain in hard currencies. And they do highly value, as a risk, their exposure to Latin America. They estimate that their expected double-digit growth is not being reflected with their purchases by investors.

While, a new project has just closed the company in Peru with a temporary photovoltaic concession of 150MW, with 13 months to go to carry out the necessary studies to carry it out.

In addition, we can highlight that are CEO and maximum shareholder of the company sold in this month of October a package of shares in the market for a value of 14.75 million euros, equivalent to 1.8% of its capital, which now holds 58% of Grenergy in the market. It sold at 29.5 euros per share.

A sale that grants more free float to the share, with the entry of more institutional investors and therefore with better liquidity and daily volume for the price of their shares in the market. Behind the investment vehicle of Ruiz de Andrés, Daruan Group, they are positioned as main shareholders of Grenergy Janus Henderson with 3.1% and Invesco with 1.3% of its capital.

The premium indicators of Investment Strategies show us that Grenergy Renovables, in consolidation mode and with a reduction of one point, it is placed in the 6 of 10 possible points for the value. Among the best, the upward trend in the medium and long term stands out, the total moment, both slow and fast positive for Grenergy, while the long-term volume moves increasing in the long term

On the negative side, the downtrend in the medium term stands out, the decreasing business volume, also in the medium term and the volatility of the value, which, in its two aspects, both in the medium and long term, measured in its range of amplitude is increasing for Grenergy.

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