Grey’s Anatomy actors with their real-life partners

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Grey’s Anatomy he moves his viewers in each of his installments. The stories of the group of doctors from Hospital Seattle Grace Mercy West They range from the dramatic to the romantic, always with an overwhelming intensity. They fully impact the emotionality of the audience who wants to know more about the lives of these characters and how they adapt to a context that changes chapter by chapter.

Fiction and reality go hand in hand; the actors in the series also have romantic stories to tell. They are surely happier than their fictional counterparts who live so much suffering on a day-to-day basis. Meet the real partners of Grey’s Anatomy actors!

+ The couples of the Grey’s Anatomy actors

6. Sarah Drew y Pete Lanfer

April Kepner He tried to have a stable family, but failed. However, the actress who plays her may be calmer than her character. Sarah Drew she has been married for 18 years to Pete Lanfer, whom he met when they were working together as counselors at a camp. He conquered her through love letters. They have two daughters: Micah and Hannah.

5. Kim Raver y Manu Boyer

While the heart of Teddy Altman she is in constant conflict, the actress who plays her is very secure in the romantic field. Kim Raver met her husband, the film director Manu Boyer, in New York and they were married 20 years ago. Together they have two sons: Luke West and Leo Kliping.

4. Kevin McKidd y Arielle Goldrath

Kevin McKidd He came from a previous marriage with two children, Lona and Joseph. Then he met and fell in love with Arielle Goldrath and they got married in 2018 in a private ceremony. Product of the new couple were born Aiden and Nava James.

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3. Katherine Heigl y Josh Kelley

We all know how much he suffered Izzie Stevens in their life. Luckily the actress who plays her, Katherine Heigl, discovered love and clung to it. She met her husband when he participated in his Only You music video. In 2007 they married and later adopted Naleigh and Adelaide Marie Hope. In 2017, the couple’s third child was born: Joshua Bishop.

2. Patrick Dempsey y Jillian Fink

The heartthrob of the series also has his love story. In 1994 he met the hairdresser Jillian Fink and they both recognized that it was love at first sight, but they were in a relationship. Then three years later he found out that his favorite stylist was single and asked her out. They married in 1999 and had Talula Fyfe. Later the twins Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick would arrive.

1. Ellen Pompeo y Chris Ivery

The prestigious doctor in fiction had her great love affair with Derek. Well, Ellen Pompeo you have nothing to envy. The actress met Chris Ivery in 2003 and after a period of “friendship” the couple made their romantic relationship official. They were married in 2007 in a very special ceremony at Manhattan City Hall. Stella, Sienna and Eli were born as a result of the relationship.

Ellen Pompeo y Chris Ivery. (Photo Credits: Getty).

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