Grey’s Anatomy season 17 now has a premiere date on Netflix!

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The wait was long, but it was worth it! After months of anxiety, Grey’s Anatomy already has a date available on Netflix with its season 17. The 17 chapters can be enjoyed by fans, who had to juggle to avoid spoilers. Review when the launch is, in which countries and how to watch it.

The new episodes took longer than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic. The health crisis delayed the entire project and the premiere on ABC was only on November 2. The contingency also affected artistic levels because this season is the shortest in recent years.


When does Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiere?

Despite the problems, on June 3 it was possible to culminate with the launches of a delivery that promises to be more exciting than ever. The fans who follow the show on Netflix had to make an effort not to tell the story and in the end they got their prize: The new chapters are now available!!

Yes, that’s how you read. To the surprise of many, Netflix uploaded the full season 17 this July 3 and you can already marathon this Saturday. The ad has an important clarification because so far it is only found available in the United States. However, there is nothing to be alarmed about: there are legal ways to enjoy its content through hiring a VPN connection.

The good news did not end there because in May Grey’s Anatomy announced its renewal for an installment number 18. That is to say that you can enjoy the episodes knowing that there will be many more, something that the fans who saw the series on ABC did not have because until the last minute the continuation was in doubt. Now yes, enjoy it.


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