Grey’s Anatomy season 18 now has a release date!

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The announcement that all Grey’s Anatomy fans have been waiting for has arrived! Through a statement ABC confirmed the premiere date of season 18. The 17th installment ended in early June this year, after its renewal was reported and brought peace of mind to viewers by dodging rumors of a definitive ending. See when it will start airing!

The production will have a new chance to face the Coronavirus pandemic, since during 2020 they had various problems due to the health crisis, beyond including it in fiction to show the work of doctors on the screen. The previous 16 seasons had an average of 24 episodes and the seventeenth had only 17 episodes..

Beyond what happened behind the cameras, the ABC chain carried out the new batch of episodes that once again captivated its audience. We had great moments this year with COVID-19 as the main protagonist as it was responsible for the delicate state of Meredith’s health, there were deaths of beloved characters and emblematic returns such as Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

The possibility of a renewal was unclear to either the fans or the producers themselves, as many of the stars were ending their contracts. Ellen Pompeo had stated that there was no decision, but in the first week of May they announced delivery 18, after obtaining good audience numbers.

+ When does Grey’s Anatomy season 18 premiere?

The big news came thanks to the American medium Deadline this Thursday, where they confirmed that Grey’s Anatomy season 18 premieres Thursday, September 30 on ABC, the United States television network. It is a date much earlier than imagined and it is expected that they will reach the 24 episodes that they became accustomed to having since the beginning of its broadcast in 2005.

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