Grey’s Anatomy, the Good Doctor or New Amsterdam: which series has the most followers

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Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam are currently references in medical series worldwide. All three have different careers, but all maintain a high level of popularity with the public. What is the most famous? Review the followers that each of them have in networks and its main stars. Safety pin!

The first place in the ranking is also for the longest-running series: Grey’s Anatomy makes a lot of difference to its colleagues as does its 17 consecutive seasons on the air (with the 18 on the way). In total it has 36.3 million followers entre Twitter, Facebook e Instagram. Ellen Pompeo, its star, is also the protagonist that adds the most fans: 11.8 million.


The Good Doctor appears in second place with 3.2 million among official verified accounts. The series has even more fans around the world for its different versions around the planet. TO Freddie Highmore they follow 2.4 million fansBut the 29-year-old actor currently has his profiles closed.


Finally, the newest of the group, New AmsterdamIt is also the one that the least fanatics harvest on the Internet. It still does not reach a million because it exceeds 757 thousand andamong their networks. The actor Ryan Eggold, interpreter of Max Goodwin, goes along the same lines and has 755 thousand fans.

Facebook the New Amsterdam

For the following ranking they were taken in count the official profiles for each case and those that are duly verified. For instance, both Pompeo and Eggold have Facebook but are not endorsed by the platform.

Grey’s Anatomy, the Good Doctor or New Amsterdam: which series has the most followers

Grey’s Anatomy

Twitter: 4,9 M

Instagram: 8,4 M

Facebook: 23 M

Total: 36,3 M

Ellen Pompeo

Twitter: 2 M

Instagram: 9,8 M


Total:  11,8 M

The Good Doctor

Twitter: 153 K

Instagram: 912 K

Facebook: 2,2 M

Total: 3,2 M

Freddie Highmore

Twitter: 51 K

Instagram: 754 K

Facebook: 1,6 M

Total: 2,4 M

New Amsterdam

Twitter: 64,4 K

Instagram: 364 K

Facebook: 329 K

Total: 757 K

Ryan Eggold


Instagram: 755 K


Total: 755 K


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