Grey’s Anatomy: the historical character who will return in season 18

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Grey’s Anatomy Its legacy has increased over the years and it will continue to do so this year with its 18th season, a figure that few series manage to reach. This medical drama has conquered millions of fans, despite the fact that the critics have not accompanied them in the latest installments. For the next episodes a very special comeback was announced and we are sure you were also expecting it.

The production headed by Shonda Rhimes and had the mission to make the Coronavirus pandemic is also part of the last season, so they showed us the facet of doctors in the front line of battle against the disease. For this reason it was decided that Meredith Grey becomes infected and remains in critical condition, to demonstrate how to live with COVID-19.

In her stay prostrate in a room, the figure embodied by Ellen Pompeo had several interesting dreams for the public, which led her to a beach. There the expected reunion with D took placeerek Shepherd, which excited the fans, but also other dead characters appeared such as George, Mark y Lexie.

The one who didn’t have a minute in season 17 was Meredith’s mother, the Dra. Ellis Gray, but yes will return for delivery 18, as reported by the Deadline medium. This way, Kate Burton is set to reprise the role of Ellis, who died in season three and her last appearance was in part 15 of the show., in the middle of a dream of his daughter.

According to the information, it is not yet clear how he will join the story in the next episodes, but it is believed that a new dream would be the answer. To know the answers we must wait until the September 30th, the day that delivery 18 will begin to air on the ABC network in the United States.

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