Grey’s Anatomy: the Meredith scene that marked the character’s future

Grey's Anatomy: the Meredith scene that marked the character's future

Grey`s Anatomy It has been surprising its followers for 17 seasons and one of the great reasons is its protagonist, Meredith Grey, a character who broke stereotypes by giving the audience a new kind of woman in front of an audacious show with sensitive themes that catch the viewer. It was always like this? Ellen Pompeo admitted that when he read the show’s first script he thought that his character was written to break preconceived molds.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of the show, admitted that the story of Meredith it was going to be different. At first the idea was that the character of Pompey I was the doctor’s partner Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). However, the producer listened to the suggestions of the protagonist and witnessed the chemistry between Meredith and Derek as an opportunity to match Ellen with Patrick Dempsey.

The beginning of Meredith Gray

The first scene of this couple was considered high risk by those responsible for the show. Why? They did not know how it could affect the perception of this heroine who had everything to revolutionize the world of TV series. The creative decision, however, was to take a chance to establish the show’s character and identity.

What moment are we talking about? Meredith Grey she sleeps with a man the night before starting her job as a hospital intern. It turns out that coincidences can be quite capricious and this young woman’s life was going to surprise her. His fleeting partner ended up being his boss: Dr. Derek Shepherd.

“They were only coincidences of fate, these stories happen, but when it is inside the hospitals with the interns you have to be careful”, expressed Rhimes. The reality is that history never victimized Meredith nor did he Derek in an inappropriate place. Pompey admitted that his character “She is a true hero, with a career”. That surprised her and also an audience that does not stop growing …

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