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Groom's Dad Goes Viral with Hilarious Pop Rock Parody at Wedding Toast

Groom’s Dad Goes Viral with Hilarious Pop Rock Parody at Wedding Toast

A man is getting his five minutes of fame after he turned his father-of-the-groom toast into a hilarious pop-rock parody and went viral.

Bruce Miller is a pediatric ophthalmologist with the heart of a rock star. As he told Today, he played in a band while in medical school. When he started a family, Bruce passed that passion to his children. His son, singer-songwriter Jake Miller, even turned his love of music into his career.

When Jake asked his now-wife, Brandi, to marry him, Bruce knew he needed to bring music into his father-of-the-groom toast. After watching another father turn his wedding speech into a Billy Joel Piano Man parody, he had a eureka moment.

“Can I do that at your wedding?” he asked Jake and Brandi. They happily agreed and waited nearly a year to hear what he came up with.

Bruce knew the 1972 hit Brandy by Looking Glass would be an obviously fitting parody for Jake’s special day. He wanted to be sure he created the best spinoff possible, so he went to one of his son’s former producers and recorded an MP3 file that he could practice while driving in his car.

“I wanted to do it right,” Bruce admitted.

Just before the wedding, Bruce was in the hospital with kidney problems, and he worried he wouldn’t be well enough to attend the event. So, when he recovered and stood in front of the crowd, he was “overwhelmed and grateful.”

Bruce began his father-of-the-groom toast with a traditional speech, and when it seemed that he was wrapping up, he said “Oh yeah, and one more thing…” before he jumped into his now-viral song that described how Brandi and Jake fell in love.

Jake told Today that he knew his dad’s toast would be epic because “that’s just who he is.”

“The reason I got into music was because of my dad,” he said. “He always played Bruce Springsteen and Eagles around the house, and he taught me how to play drums when I was 8. My friends think he’s the cool and funny dad.”

Bruce will soon have another chance to shine, too. His daughter, Jenny, recently got engaged. He’s thinking up a new parody for his father-of-the-bride speech, and he can’t wait to put on the performance.

“My endorphins kicked in,” Bruce said after admitting that he doesn’t get stage fright. “I had the best time of my life.”

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Source: Today