Group 5: Latina will broadcast the show they will offer to celebrate the New Year

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The Team 5 gave an important announcement on the occasion of the end of the year parties, as they have prepared a totally free show for this December 31 and receive 2022 accompanying all their followers.

The concert will be broadcast exclusively by Latina starting at 10 at night. A fact that, without a doubt, makes Elmer, Andy and Christian Yaipén very happy, leaders of the orchestra that is about to celebrate 49 years of musical experience.

“Thank you Latina for giving us the opportunity, through your signal, to reach the last corner of the country. We are going to enjoy and dance to the best hits of Group 5, with a repertoire for our fans from all over Peru and abroad ”, said Christian Yaipén, main vocalist of the orchestra.

For his part, Andy Yaipén stressed that this concert -which will feature a varied repertoire- will allow them to reach all their fans from the jungle, north, center, south and the world; but without any doubt, he misses holding his face-to-face events with the public enjoying each performance of Group 5.

“Last year we did a concert via Streaming and this year it will be by television signal. I am happy because despite the pandemic, we can welcome the new year by making our fans dance that, like us, we will miss receiving 12 o’clock in a face-to-face concert “, He said.

In this regard, Elmer Yaipén was happy for the concert that they will give to the families of Peru but also He revealed that he was affected by the constant changes in government regulations.

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“I am very happy that our music reaches all the homes of Peruvian families for free. We have prepared a super-battery repertoire, varied, danceable, so that they can enjoy with their loved ones ”, he commented.

“These are difficult times for our business since the norms issued by the government are reasons for misinterpretation by those who execute them, exploitation, obstacles and thousands of families are affected. We have entrepreneurs who do things the right way; however, we see with great sorrow every day how other “entrepreneurs” in the same field work freely, “he added.

You can see the show this December 31 from 10 pm through Latina Televisión on the following channels:

DirecTV: Canal 192 (SD/HD) Canal 1192 (HD)

Move TV: Canal 102 (SD) Canal 802 (HD)

Claro TV: Canal 2

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