Groupware: BlueMind 4.5 now with video conferencing

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Groupware: BlueMind 4.5 now with video conferencing

With versions 4.4 and 4.5, the French company BlueMind is updating its open source groupware with the same name. Users can now integrate video conferences with Jitsi and StarLeaf in 4.5 and also link them to appointments in the calendar.

There are also innovations in the e-mail area. The shared mailboxes previously shown under “Public Folders” now appear in the main Outlook structure. In addition, the displays for read and unread messages from shared mailboxes are standardized. The software then also marks e-mails read by a user as read in the view of other users. This is intended to accommodate users who have previously used other e-mail systems and are familiar with their environment. However, admins no longer have any influence on this.

In order to stabilize ongoing operations, the company has worked on trouble-free maintenance. This runs in parallel in the background. Admins have an overview of the maintenance controlled by a task and can deactivate it. In addition, updates no longer block the software. An automatic hot update system now carries out the maintenance work.

BlueMind 4.4 has new tools available for admins: Monitoring data can now be displayed in a graphical console and time zones can be set for a specific domain. There are further notes the changelog. As free groupware software, BlueMind is available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.

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