Grünheide: Tesla boss calls for a tight schedule for factory opening

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According to the Brandenburg state government, Tesla boss Elon Musk insisted on the tight schedule for the start of his new factory during a visit to Germany – although the approval was missing. Musk has made it clear how important it is to him to adhere to the tight schedule, said Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) on Thursday of the dpa.

In addition, Musk has declared his willingness to intensify communication at the factory in Grünheide. The company boss has also reiterated his call for less bureaucracy. In April, Musk complained, among other things, that 16 months after the application there was still no schedule for a permit to build the factory, although the state government sees no major reasons against it. So far, environmental associations have tried in vain to obtain a construction freeze in court.

In Grünheide near Berlin, Tesla wants to build around 500,000 cars a year. Originally, production was supposed to start in July, but the end of the year is now in the room. The delay is due, among other things, to an amendment to the application for approval – because a battery factory is also to be built in Grünheide. The environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg is still pending. When it comes is still open. Tesla has therefore so far been building through early approvals.

Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) said on Thursday that it was “a good and constructive conversation” with Musk. Economics Minister Steinbach tweeted on Wednesday evening: “Very relaxed evening meeting.” He also put a photo of Musk in a black T-shirt and a scarf. “We exchanged trustfully about the tasks still to be done,” wrote Steinbach.

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The schedule for the start of production is still unclear – there may be another public hearing for critics of the project. However, following the renewed public display of the plans, the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU) has only received 44 objections to the construction of the factory; the deadline for objections ends on August 19. According to the authorities, 373 objections were received when the documents were first interpreted last year, and 110 when the documents were interpreted a second time.

Union Chancellor candidate and CDU boss Armin Laschet wants to visit the construction site of the so-called Tesla Gigafactory on Friday. It was unclear whether Musk would be there. Tesla initially did not comment on the visit of the company boss. Musk landed at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport on Wednesday evening. He traveled with his family and then surprisingly met with representatives of the Brandenburg state government in Berlin.


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