Grupo Firme: to whom are its members entrusted so that they can do well on their tours

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A news has caused great concern among fans of the regional mexican music, after the famous tarot reader and fortune teller better known as Mhoni Vidente gave some controversial predictions in one of her latest videos published on the YouTube video platform. The singers that the astrologer saw in danger are those who make up the “Firm Group”, A group that debuted in 2014.

The band whose vocalist is Eduin Cazares It did not go unnoticed by the seer, who without mincing words announced that the musicians will face a series of disasters that can endanger the lives of their members, hence the fans expressed their concern on social networks.

Although there are some disbelievers, the truth is that Rev. Vidente It is one of the most recognized in its field, with hundreds of thousands of people who tune in to their social networks daily to be aware of the predictions that the Cuban woman shares.

It is no secret how fast the interpreters of “The Toxic” they have come to climb in the field of regional Mexican music, perhaps for this reason they are a victim of envy and courage, as the astrologer announced. The band is one of the most beloved of the Aztec country, proof of this are its numerous accolades and followers.

This popularity has put them in the public eye, causing the competition to be envious and may cast an evil eye at you. About, Rev. Vidente assured that the band could be victim of an accident or even an attack, which is why he recommended them not to trust themselves and take the greatest precautions.

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The statements of the fortune teller were not indifferent to the musicians, who announced that they would heed the recommendations, also revealing the saints they are asking for their safety. It was Eduin Caz, the vocalist, who shared in one of his Instagram stories that together with his colleagues he would take his precautions in the next presentations.

At the insistence of the fans, who asked them to see how to reverse the ‘curse’ announced by the seer, the singer pointed out that the group is entrusted to God and the Virgin of Guadalupe, so they feel protected and do not fear for their lives. In turn, they are grateful for the affection of his listeners, who have not hesitated to send him the best energies.

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