GTA 3 was going to be Xbox exclusive, but Microsoft scrapped it

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GTA III o Grand Theft Auto 3 knocked on the door Microsoft to appear in the Xbox original, although the Redmond company rejected the idea at the don’t trust the Rockstar saga’s leap from 2D to 3D. So admit from Microsoft in a new episode of their documentary Power On, a series of programs that the company is publishing these days and in which it reviews Microsoft’s key decisions in the field of video games, for better and for worse. So much so, that recently they spoke openly about the mistake they made in closing Lionhead Studios; but let’s go back to this new episode dedicated to the franchise of Rockstar Games.

GTA 3 ended up selling millions on PS2

And is that before the launch of GTA 3, Rockstar was interested in Microsoft and its new Xbox to launch its revolutionary new video game, now in 3D. “They believed that it was complicated to carry out. They did not understand the interface, they thought it was based on a game that had not been so successful. For my surprise was rejected“Admits Kevin Bachus, Xbox’s chief of relations at the time.

And is that the team in charge of managing the new releases at Microsoft did not give the go-ahead to GTA 3: “We do not believe that the game can complete the transition from 2D”. Following Microsoft’s refusal, GTA 3 became a temporary exclusive on consoles for Sony PS2, achieving millionaire sales figures at the end of 2001.

“It ended up selling 14.5 million units. It was the best-selling game of 2002 if it hadn’t been surpassed by its sequel, ”explains Kevin Bachus. Recall that GTA 3 would arrive the following year on PC, finally making the jump in 2003 to Xbox (January 2004 in Europe), all after sweep sales on the two systems it first appeared on, especially the Sony console.

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The rest is history; GTA Vice City It was already in stores at that time, arriving practically a year later the culmination of the saga with GTA San Andreas, reaping colossal sales in all its versions.

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