GTA: Take-Two orders to retire some of the most popular mods

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Just a few months ago, it came to light that some fans had used reverse engineering to develop their own versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, two projects that lasted a short time, since after going out in the media, Take -Two Interactive took action in the matter so that they were canceled and eliminated. Now, the Rockstar Games editor is back on track and has ordered to remove some of the most popular mods.

One of them is Vice City Overhual, built on the map of GTA V. GTA: Liberty City It was a project that moved the scenes from GTA 3 to the Vice City engine, a title that originally came out in 2005, although since then it has been adapted to more modern systems. The mod is no longer available in ModDB, as is Vice Cry. In the latter case, Vice City’s textures and models had been replaced by higher resolution textures.

PC Gamer also points to the disappearance of GTA: Underground, that mixed maps from GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas with locations from other Rockstar titles (Manhunt and its sequel, Bully, etc.). Other mods turn San Andreas into ports of Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, two games released on PSP that never made it to PC.

Mods removed

On GTAForums The mods that are being affected by the Take-Two Interactive offensive have been cataloged:

  • GTA: Underground
  • GTA: Liberty City
  • GTA State of Liberty
  • GTAV on San Andreas
  • Vice Cry
  • Liberty City Stories: PC Edition
  • Vice City Stories: PC Edition
  • Many more
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These reviewers have also detected a change in Rockstar’s policies on the subject of mods. They were updated in 2019 and currently state that you cannot “use or import other IPs (including other Rockstar IPs” in projects ”; neither can “make new games, history or maps”. This clause was not introduced in the original document.

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