GTA: The Trilogy PC Buyers Now GTA Classics Available For Free

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Rockstar has ended up giving in and has re-released the original versions from GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas in the different stores and digital platforms. The developer withdrew them at the beginning of October to give a boost to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, a pack where it compiles the three games, but remasterizados. However, these remasters have given him so many problems and headaches that he has had no other choice. In fact, and how compensation for those who bought the PC version of GTA Trilogy, the company has also confirmed that these can already be found in its Rockstar Games library a copy of the originals completely free.

What happened to GTA: The Trilogy?

Far from being the tribute that the saga deserved, this Definitive Edition has ended up having more of disappointment than definitive, as our colleague Francisco J. Brenlla (aka Franchuzas) in the MeriStation analysis. Not only tricks and musical themes have been eliminated, but on top of that it was unplayable during its early days due to the crash of Rockstar’s own launcher. This resulted in the corresponding sabotage of the community and in which the developer will be forced to withdraw the game from sale. All accompanied by technical problems, bugs and legal disputes for various expired licenses that were still in the title files. The war between modders and Take Two has been fierce in courts and networks. With the decisions to bring back the originals and give them away to GTA Trilogy buyers, Rockstar hopes to calm things down and start the long road to redemption ahead of this compilation.

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