GTA Trilogy’s first big update fixes bugs on all platforms

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Everyone hoped to go through the fictional versions of New York, Miami and Los Angeles again through the three fantastic sandboxes included in GTA Trilogy, but the state in which the game has reached the market is not the best possible, so much so that even Rockstar has had to apologize for it. After even disappearing from PC due to problems with the Rockstar launcher, the company has already started working on different patches that improve performance on all platforms, and thus, the first update is now available, correcting errors in all those in which it is available.

The first of many

This first patch weighs just over 1 GB in its version for PlayStation 4, and without specifying how much in the rest of the versions, it is expected that it will be a similar figure. The update affects all three games, GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, and from Rockstar they assure that the experience should be more satisfactory after its application.

These corrections are of all kinds: from localization to the size of the subtitles, passing through the quality of some textures, objects located in the wrong place or clipping, which makes it clear that the number of errors is multiple. This only for general fixes, since each of the three games also has its own specific improvements.

Meanwhile, from Rockstar they have committed to continue improving this compilation, which, far from being a celebration of three games that are referents of the open world, have been rather a disappointment. “We have plans to find technical bugs and improve each game in the future,” they say from the company. “With each planned update, games will reach the level of quality they deserve to have“, they conclude.

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GTA Trilogy is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, PC, and Nintendo Switch, albeit only digitally. To get the physical version of this compilation we will have to wait until December.

Source: Rockstar Support.


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