GTM announces ‘Golden Sun: Quintessence’, its new illustrated monograph

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The editorial GTM Editions has presented Golden Sun: Quintessence, his fifteenth stamp special GTM². This special monograph illustrated in full color is dedicated to the video game series Golden Sun, by Camelot Software; one of the emblems of the JRPG genre for Nintendo in general and Game Boy Advance in particular. Readers of the magazine who are subscribed from the modality Gold They will receive it next October in their homes.

Golden Sun: Quintessence, a journey through Weyard marked by alchemy

Maintaining the square format that characterizes these volumes, Golden Sun: Quintessence is signed by Alejandro Redondo, editor of Games Tribune and expert in the saga that concerns us. As the publisher itself explains, in this monograph of 72 pages —Which commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the first installment— we will find an essay journey that covers all the aspects that characterize the license; including those who have made the Golden Sun name and its sequel one of the most remembered works of its generation.

Speaking to MeriStation, Redondo explains his creative purposes with this work: “With this special I want not only to vindicate its importance in the history of video games, but also to make it known among the youngest players and make veterans get excited again by remembering the most important events of the trilogy, while learning new things about it. “The reader will find a special written with great passion and respect for the saga where, in addition to being moved by the memory of his adventures for Weyard, you will understand the depth of your universe“. For him “Golden Sun is the greatest exponent of the JRPG in a portable console”.

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It marked his adolescence and accompanied him for many afternoons; an adventure that continues to amaze you with how it looked then. Golden Sun is “a journey full of dangers, emotions and plot twists that make the saga have a special place in my life and have reinforced my love for the Japanese role,” he acknowledges.

Alchemy, legends, stories, mysteries, magic and the unmistakable music of Motoi Sakuraba are in this book, available from October 5th. This publishing label, GTM², also seeks to convey through illustrations what is captured between the lines. As in previous appointments, the artist Sergio Melero signature covers, while inside we find other prominent names such as Yue Mizukirz, Elene Urquijo, Jaume Font, Toni Mula O Mimi Pink.

All members who subscribe to the modalities Gold (€9.99) the superior (Platinum and Black) will receive it at no additional cost along with the magazine for October 2021.

Golden Sun: Quintessence is the new special of this label, where we have, Chrono Trigger: The End of Time, Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blue Blur, Monster Hunter: Will of Esmeralda, The Last of Us: Resilience, Dragon Age: Through the Veil or Persona: A journey through the human psyche, among others.

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