GTM Announces “The Hollow Book”, a Compendium Inspired by Hollow Knight

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GTM Ediciones has presented its new editorial project this Thursday: a book dedicated to the Hollow Knight universe. Under the name of The Hollow Book, this compendium is inspired by the work of Team Cherry and, as is usual under the Spanish publisher’s stamp, it will be fully illustrated with original images and luxurious qualities. Roberto Pineda signs this 256-page full-color volume to put his knowledge on paper. Reservations are already available in two editions. We tell you all about the book and the creative vision of its author.

The Hollow Book, open reservations. We know the new GTM book

The Hollow Book takes us between the lines in Hallownest. The cryptic story of what is considered one of the best metroidvania of all time is reunited in a book that reviews the conceptual origin of the creation of the work as well as the entrails of the Suffering Kingdom: inhabitants, geography, beasts … Pineda also interprets the impact of Hollow Knight, whose depth has led GTM to dedicate your great publishing project of the present 2021.

With a total of 74 original prints made by its artists –Sergio Melero, Isa Fernández and Toni Mula-, the record of The Hollow Book it gets a unique look and soaks up the whole personality. Let’s take a look at the editions, whose reservations are already open from the Games Tribune web portal; shipments are scheduled for the month of November.

  • Standard Ed: Abyss Edition (€ 24.99): this version of The Hollow Book It features engraved hardcover covers and a dust jacket illustrated by Sergio Melero.
  • Special Ed: Grimoire of the Void (€ 39.90): this luxury alternative is also a hard cover and UVI finishes with a dust jacket punched out of iridescent paper that imitates the Knight’s helmet. Apart from the above, this edition brings three exclusive lithographs, a numbered edition certificate and the Amulet of the Void, a 60-millimeter enameled metal medallion with a glitter effect accompanied by a velvet bag. There are only 500 units available. Once they are finished, only the previous edition can be purchased.
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Knowing The Hollow Book and its author: why Hollow Knight

Speaking to this medium, Pineda maintains that the purpose of the book is none other than “to pay tribute to one of the most special games that I have been lucky enough to enjoy. Before I had the green light to carry it out, I had not even thought about something like ‘I’m going to write a book about a video game or series, but I don’t know which one to choose’. Everything was quick when making the decision; let’s say first it was Hollow Knight, and then the book itself”. A fan and student of the work, for him it has been to fulfill a dream.

Now why Hollow Knight? “It is a title that began to forge its phenomenon without making too much noise. The word of mouth he did has led him to be one of the greats of the generation And that is something that makes those of us who bet on him happy since his financing campaign. Nonetheless, a lot of people played it without following the thread of the story too hard because of how cryptic it is, that’s why I think it lends itself a lot to investigating and ordering everything that its universe hides ”. And so this book will help to better understand the creative will of Team Cherry.

“There is a phrase that we have commented several times in the team: ‘there are people who have even made all the achievements but still don’t know what the story is about.’ I think that’s the most valuable thing a Hollow Knight follower can find in him: know details of the lore that perhaps I would not have imagined“, He asserts, and concludes convinced:” That, and the gigantic artwork of the rest of the team when it comes to both illustrating absolutely everything by hand, and interpreting the plot chapters even without knowing the title. It is a book of books that addresses the most relevant that a player can find —And overlook— during his journey through Hallownest. “

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The Hollow Book It will reach its buyers this November. The first book published in Spain on the Hollow Knight phenomenon.

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