Guardians of the Galaxy and Dying Light 2 will incorporate NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing

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In another one of those years when there will be no face-to-face gaming events due to COVID-19, Gamescom 2021 will return in digital format. In addition to the main lectures, some surprises have also been revealed. Through a press release, NVIDIA has confirmed that both Guardians of the Galaxy and Dyng Light 2 will implement DLSS and ray tracing technology on the company’s compatible graphics cards.

“Guardians of the Galaxy combines an original story and electrifying gameplay with great design. With the addition of ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, PC users will be able to enjoy the stunning graphics of this universe with an even higher yield, ”said Olivier Proulx, senior producer at Eidos-Montreal. They will be able to do it from the day of its launch, that is, next October 26.

As for Dying Light 2, NVIDIA has reported that its launch will include DLSS and reflections, shadows and global lighting generated thanks to ray tracing technology. “Our collaboration with NVIDIA has helped us create an immersive and visceral experience for Dying Light 2 gamers. Ray tracing increases the realism of our world infected and ruthless, while NVIDIA DLSS provides a huge performance boost without sacrificing image quality, ”said Tomasz Szalkwoski, Techland rendering director.

More compatible games

Other games like Myst, Grit o Bright Memory: Infinite they will also add some of these improvements. “One of the responsibilities you take on when you remaster a classic like Myst is to stay true to the visuals of the game and take it to the next level. Raytracing allows gamers to experience their favorite Myst moments with a totally new look, and NVIDIA DLSS ensures smooth performance for new players joining this journey, ”said Hannah Gamiel, development director at Cyan Worlds.

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Besides all this, Escape from Tarkov y Rust will be optimized to work with NVIDIA Reflex technology, so both titles will benefit from reduced latency.

Source | NVIDIA (press release)


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