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Guide to Properly Bandaging a Wound

Guide to Properly Bandaging a Wound

The Sheryl vs. Leland situation comes to an epic head in the opening of this episode as Sheryl attacks Leland for attempting to kill Laura. Apparently, she’s been fine with all the other crazy stuff he’s been up to, even stealing her daughter’s egg, but Sheryl has been adamant from the start that her granddaughters are off-limits.

It was great to see those two fighting in the hall, even more so when Sheryl leaves Leland with baby Timothy and deletes all the recordings of Kristen’s therapy sessions so he has no way to calm the screaming infant down. That, and her stealing his weird liquid transfusion collection (and destroying the rest). She knows where to hit Leland where it hurts.

And he’s certainly not as smart as he thinks he is. Leland gets stabbed in the thigh during their fight, but Sheryl takes the brunt of the damage when he gets her with a thick shard of glass in the chest. Sheryl’s wounded state proves a way for her to get Kristen back into her life as Kristen takes care of her mom while she mends from her stitches. However, after leaving the hospital, Kristen makes it clear that nothing has changed.

She’s only helping Sheryl until she gets better. Sheryl promises Kristen she’ll find a way to earn back her trust. On the flip side, Kristen also believes that creating a united front is her best potential defense against Leland and all of the other harmful things in her life. It seems to motivate her to give Sister Andrea another chance to chat with Lynn about becoming a nun, if that is something Lynn truly wants.

She agrees to it under the condition that the nun has to come to her house, and Kristen is allowed to sit in on their “counseling” sessions so that Lynn is always able to get both sides of the picture, so to speak.

This week’s case of the week revolves around a train conductor who believes he’s haunted. Each night, he sees something terrifying on the railroad track, come to find out, it’s the very same track that passes over Kristen’s house. David sees a demon there and later, we see that same demon inside the hole in Kristen’s basement. Sister Andrea takes a distinct interest in this hole when Kristen’s daughters start claiming the house is truly haunted.

They start using an app that can supposedly detect entities and ask the nun to exorcise the house. Traipsing into the hole in the basement, Sister Andrea comes face-to-face with the same demon from the railroad. She implores Kristen to close the hole up immediately, even instructing Ben to grab some old bricks from the churchyard and patch it up that very night.

Speaking of Ben, he has a really rough time this week. Since we last saw him and Renee, she has moved into his place. Ben has no memory whatsoever of asking her to move in. Later, she also claims he told her he’d buy some scented candles and again, he doesn’t recall this.

It gets weirder as the next day, Renee shows Ben a video of him singing to her and asking her to come back to him. Is Ben losing his mind? Or is Renee perhaps the latest form of his djinn? Is the video AI or something? There’s clearly a lot here that we don’t know about just yet.

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