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Guillermo Del Toro Supports Campaign to Save Toronto’s Revue Cinema

Pan’s Labyrinth filmmaker and Toronto resident Guillermo Del Toro has shown his support for an online campaign aimed at saving The Revue Cinema, Toronto’s longest-running cinema.

“Can you help save the REVUE, one of Canada’s most beloved, non-profit, cultural landmarks?” Del Toro tweeted Thursday afternoon to Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “If not you, WHO can help? Or HOW can I help?” Del Toro concluded his tweet with a link to an online petition advocating for the cinema’s preservation, which currently has 21,461 signatures.

The future of The Revue has been uncertain since last week when its board announced their inability to renew the theatre’s lease beyond the end of June. The petition claims the building owner intends to dissolve the Revue Film Society, hike the rent by 50%, and convert the non-profit cinema into a private movie house.

The petition urges local officials to intervene to prevent the closure of this culturally significant venue. “The Revue Cinema is not just a vital part of Toronto’s cultural fabric because it shows films,” the petition states. “It fosters a sense of community and provides a venue for countless film festivals and local events. It also employs a team of hardworking, and dedicated cultural workers who will lose their livelihood if nothing is done.”

Last week, the Revue Film Society secured an interim court injunction that temporarily prevents the landlords from closing the cinema. The Revue Cinema, located on Roncesvalles Avenue, hosts a repertoire program alongside new arthouse releases, enriching the local cultural scene in the Canadian capital.

Source: Particle News