Guitarist Carlos Santana collapses on stage

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Guitarist Carlos Santana fainted on stage while giving a concert at Michigan’s Pine Knob Music Theatre as part of his Miraculous Supernatural tour.

According to Fox 2 journalist Roop Raj, medical staff came to the 74-year-old musician’s aid and asked the audience to pray for him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter magazine, users on social networks shared images of the concert where they show Santana reaching to greet the crowd, while they removed him from the stage on a stretcher.

Journalist Philip Lewis shared on his Twitter account a video in which Santana is seen raising his arm in gratitude to his fans, while being removed from the stage.

“He greeted the applauding fans as they helped bring him down from the stage,” he wrote.

The severity of the incident is unknown at the moment, but footage from the concert showed fans applauding the veteran musician as they pulled him off the stage.

Carlos Santana, along with his band Santana, was touring with Earth and Wind and Fire when the incident occurred.

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