Guty Carrera and its consequences for COVID-19: I will have to do pulmonary rehabilitation

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The model Guty Carrera revealed last week that he was diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID_19). The case got complicated and he had to use oxygen to treat his low saturation.

Now, the reality boy shows that he is not still having a good time, because he has lost weight and is still under constant medical monitoring.

Edith Tapia’s son said that, before becoming infected, he weighed 84.5 kilos, and now he is 80.7 kilos. “I will have to do pulmonary rehabilitation, regain weight, physical condition. A lot of work”, he pointed out in his social networks.

“This virus knocked me down, but I’m sure that time will put me back in excellent condition. We are still far away”Added Guty Carrera.

Currently, the model is on the 11th day of contagion and, through his social networks, tells everything that happens to him to warn young people about the disease.

Same as him, Nicola Porcella, from “Warriors 2021”, also tested positive for COVID-19.

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