Guy Pearce returning to the MCU? What the actor said

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Iron Man 3 is a controversial film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Many fans criticized the twist of the film with the fake Mandarin, interpreted by Ben Kingsley, who finally acts as the actor Trevor Slattery. Spoiler warning! Kingsley’s character returns in Shang-Chi because it is captured by the real Mandarin: Wenwu, father of the Asian hero. In this complicated equation, they asked Guy Pearce if someone from Marvel invited you back to MCU.

Let’s remember: Guy Pearce gave life to Aldrich Killian, the villain of Iron Man 3 and real threat behind the fake Mandarin. In this case, the character played by Pearce received power from the Extremis virus. However, and thanks to the intervention of Pepper Potts, Killian would fail in his attempt to assassinate Tony Stark losing his life as a result of his actions. Final death?

Guy Pearce talked about the MCU

Guy Pearce is open to the possibility of returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “It’s a fascinating universe! The surprising thing is that it is not as clear as saying: ‘Well, a character dies and there it ends.’ It is obvious that in today’s movies there are prequels, so people go back to stories. previous or there are tangents that intersect. The idea that someone like Aldrich Killian return in some other way is entirely feasible in that world. I’ll wait for them to call me! “

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings confirmed the connection with Iron Man 3 through a stupendous performance of Ben Kingsley, which adds a very interesting quota of humor to the film of Marvel, even showing that it can be very useful for the heroes of the film. Without Trevor, surely another would have been the fate of Earth.

Trevor Slattery as The Mandarin. Photo: IMDb,

Marvel had premiered the short All Hail the King to explain the fate of Slattery and how the real Mandarin he managed to capture the actor who took his name and that of his organization to terrorize the world. However, little was heard of the other villain, Killian. In his case it was quite clear that the character died at the end of Iron Man 3. ¡Guy Pearce will have to wait for your expected return!

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