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Gypsy Rose Informed Ex Ryan Anderson of Pregnancy Before Public Announcement

Gypsy Rose Informed Ex Ryan Anderson of Pregnancy Before Public Announcement

Gypsy Rose Blanchard still has compassion for her estranged husband Ryan Anderson. TMZ has learned that she informed him about her pregnancy with Ken Urker’s baby before making it public.

According to family sources, Gypsy told Ryan about the pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. This news came as a significant blow to him since he still harbored hopes of reconciling their marriage. As one source noted, “He didn’t take the news well at all.”

For Ryan, the chances of getting back together with Gypsy seem slim to none, especially after their marriage crumbled in March. Those close to Gypsy say she has no regrets rekindling her relationship with her ex-fiancé Ken. She firmly believes that Ken is her person.

In fact, sources reveal that Gypsy and Ken have already started looking at potential baby names and have chosen their favorites. They have also decided that Gypsy’s half-siblings, Mia and Dylan, will be the baby’s godparents. Her family is excited for the couple and believes Gypsy will be a fantastic mother.

On Tuesday, Gypsy made the baby announcement on her Instagram. She posted a collage of Ken cradling her baby bump, revealing that they expect their bundle of joy in January.

Earlier this year, Gypsy filed for divorce from Ryan in March, just weeks after announcing their split on social media. A month later, photos and videos surfaced of her kissing and cuddling with Ken, confirming that they had rekindled their romance.

Gypsy is clearly overjoyed with her new life, making it evident that for her, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately for Ryan, it seems any hopes of reconciliation are being firmly dashed.

Source: TMZ, Getty, Instagram/@m0therofchaos