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Hackers Seize Doja Cat's X Account, Diss Iggy Azalea

Hackers Seize Doja Cat’s X Account, Diss Iggy Azalea

Doja Cat’s social media account on the platform formerly known as Twitter has been hacked, and the attackers seem to have partly targeted Iggy Azalea in their messages.

On Monday, July 8, a series of unusual posts—strange even by Doja Cat’s quirky standards—began to emerge from her account. One particular post that drew significant attention was a jab at Iggy Azalea, made under the guise of promoting a meme coin.

“Shut up b**ch,” the hacker wrote in response to one of Iggy’s advertisements. In another, more blunt tweet, they added, “F**k that stupid b**ch @IGGYAZALEA and buy $DOJA.”

After some time, it became evident to the public that these tweets were the work of a hacker. Iggy Azalea herself was quick to react, tweeting that she recognized the real Doja Cat would never post such messages. “Hackers on celeb girl accounts again making it about me cause I’m their fixation but they didn’t consider the fact that I may actually interact w ppl in real life and it’s not fitting into reality lol,” she tweeted. “Get rugged if y’all want but I’m cool w that girl irl so y’all f**ked up w that tweet hackers,” she added in a follow-up post.

The hackers responded to Iggy’s tweet with a message that read, “You forgot to @ me boo.”

Doja Cat has also addressed the hacking incident. “My Twitter’s been hacked these messages are not from me,” she confirmed on her Instagram Story.

Instances of rappers claiming they have been hacked are not uncommon. Just last month, 50 Cent claimed that hackers had taken control of his social media accounts, making $300 million in the process by promoting cryptocurrency schemes.

The hacking incidents continue to be a significant problem for celebrities and public figures, especially as social media becomes an increasingly critical platform for personal and professional interactions. Whether for malicious intent, financial gain, or social disruption, these breaches raise concerns about digital security and the privacy of high-profile individuals.

The news of Doja Cat’s hacked account and the subsequent derogatory tweets have sparked considerable drama and discussion on social media. Fans and followers wait to see what steps will be taken to secure her account and prevent future breaches. For now, both Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea seem to be maintaining their cool in the face of these online attacks.

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