Hacking the Brazilian health system: there have been no official data on the coronavirus for 25 days

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Brazil, the South American country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, recorded 18,759 cases and 175 deaths in the last 24 hours, a number much lower than that of Argentina, which this Tuesday broke the record for daily cases.

However, the nation with the most inhabitants in South America is not providing the true figures of COVID-19 cases in the country.

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What is the reason for the absence of official data in Brazil

To understand the reason for this you have to go back to the past December 10. That day, the official system for calculating the evolution of the coronavirus in the country suffered a hack that was not fixed yet.

For this cyber blackout, the page of Brazilian Ministry of Health Y the ConnectSUS app, containing the vaccination data of the country, remain inoperative.

Therefore, since There has been no access to the true numbers of cases and deaths for 25 days by Covid-19 in the country.

Who is responsible for the computer “blackout”

The massive hack was carried out by “Lapsus Group”, Which assumed responsibility for the crime with a message posted on the fallen pages: “Contact us if you want to recover the data.”

As reported by the Health portfolio in a statement, the attack compromised the National Immunization Program system, which prevented the issuance of the National Vaccination Certificate against COVID-19.

A key piece of information is that the attack was carried out one day before the date on which they were going to start requiring proof of vaccination from travelers to enter the country, which it should have been postponed seven days.

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The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, claimed at the time that he possessed a backup and that it was a matter of time before everything returned to normal.

In fact, two days after the hack vaccination records were retrieved of the population, but 24 hours later, a new attack compromised the body’s computational structure that allowed access to daily Covid-19 data in Brazil and has not yet been resolved.

What happened to the daily reports of coronavirus in Brazil

In this context, the media try to keep the figures up to date with the documentation provided by provincial governments.

But the numbers they provide, thanks to an investigation team made up of the main journalistic groups in the country, they do not reflect reality.

In fact, not all states report daily cases and deaths – some state governments reported problems collecting data from Ministry systems.

This is the case of Saint Paul, where the governor João Doria explained the difficulties: “It was not possible to extract data from the federal government systems, where Covid-19 cases are reported. This impacts on the publication of updated statistics ”.

Thanks to the hacking, the government of Jair Bolsonaro it has disengaged from the duty of informing the inhabitants of the national epidemiological situation.

For this reason, experts do not have the possibility of evaluating the real situation of the country and taking measures before the appearance of the variant Omicron Worldwide.

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