Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber destroyed for their outfits during their meeting with Emmanuel Macron

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The meeting of Hailey Baldwin Y Justin Bieber with the president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron in Paris on Monday, June 21, he continues to make people talk. In this case, the comments are not produced with political overtones but by the choice of outfits worn by the 24-year-old model and the 27-year-old pop star, which contrasts with the customs of the Elysee Palace in the French capital. .

Some fashion experts and users on social networks point out that although Hailey and Justin looked impeccable in their meeting with the French president, their looks were not one hundred percent adequate. The supermodel opted for a beige bodycon dress below the knees from LaQuan Smith’s Fall 2021 collection. Although the piece was impeccable, the opening in the abdomen, shoulders and open back was not appropriate for the occasion.

Meanwhile, Bieber wore a fine striped Celine suit with a striped shirt and light blue Nike Jordan sneakers. Quite the opposite of the classic and conservative look of Macron and Brigitte. The president of France was dressed in a gray suit with his mandatory tie and his wife in a simple and elegant plain white dress below the knees with a matching overcoat and pointed brown shoes.

So far it is unknown what the two couples talked about, but the French press assured that they met to discuss issues related to youth. Although at first it was said that the visit of Hailey Baldwin Y Justin Bieber It was spontaneous, it is considered that it was planned for a long time, since no presidential agenda is put together overnight.

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The interpreter of “Lonely” is originally from Canada, has French-Canadian ancestry and attended a French primary school. It is believed that linguistically there should be no obstacle between him and the Macrons. Hailey is also very influential in France due to her appearances in major magazines in that country and working for big known brands.


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