Hailey Bieber unveils the release date of her cosmetics brand Rhode

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Hailey Baldwin

After several weeks of suspense, and teasing on these social networks, Rhode, the cosmetics brand of the top Hailey Bieber officially arrives in the beauty sphere.

Scheduled for next June without a specific date, it is on Instagram that the pretty blonde announced the news to her fans on April 12, appearing completely makeup removed with a glowy look, and doughnut in hand in one of her posts.

A staging that sets the tone for the first collection of Kylie Jenner’s friend, baptized with her middle name. And this, although the main interested party is always evasive about it!

Especially if we believe the emergence of the “Glazed Donut Skin” movement, this trend that brings to the taste of the day the appearance of a glowy complexion, like the icing of a doughnut, of which the young woman is already a fan.

According to TMZ, this signature collection will therefore contain: “wellness products, bath and shower products, beauty creams, cleansing products, cosmetics, makeup, perfumes, hair care and skincare“. Enough to adopt the total look of the 25-year-old entrepreneur, already known and envied for her perfect skin and flawless complexion.

If Hailey Bieber has long been waiting for the release of her first brand of cosmetics, and skincare, the star does not hesitate to share daily her love of care, and “no make-up look” in tutorials on Tik Tok and Instagram. So much so, that she is now the instigator of the “clean look” movement, a beauty that wants to be minimalist. Enough to propel her straight to the rank of the most influential personalities in the world of beauty, in the same way as Rihanna, or Kylie Jenner, also owners of their own cosmetics label, and real references for the beauty stars of the GenZ.

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