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Half Magic's MaXXXine Collab Brings "Final Girl" Vibes and We're Loving It

Half Magic’s MaXXXine Collab Brings “Final Girl” Vibes and We’re Loving It
(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

Summerween is officially upon us, and I’m celebrating by watching A24’s newest horror film, MaXXXine, starring Mia Goth, on July 4th. Set in the 1980s Hollywood, the movie follows adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx as she navigates her career amidst a mysterious killer targeting the city’s starlets. However, Maxine herself may be hiding some secrets, adding layers of intrigue to the plot.

In anticipation of this spooky season, Half Magic has launched a collaboration with MaXXXine’s head makeup artist, Sara Rubano, to bring three bestselling products that can help you recreate Maxine’s retro looks. Rubano, who also worked on the makeup for 2022’s X and Pearl films, shared her inspirations, product choices, and thoughts on the ’80s makeup comeback.
(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

Director Ti West and producer Jacob Jaffke traveled to New Zealand to film X. My interview with them was incredibly inspiring due to their passion and vision for the film. We creatively connected, and it felt like a wonderful opportunity and colorful journey.

Creating Mia Goth’s signature look for MaXXXine involved extensive makeup and hair testing. It was a collaborative effort with Ti, Mia, and other department heads, ensuring synchronization with costume and production designs. We wanted everything to blend seamlessly, hitting all the right notes together.

MaXXXine’s makeup aesthetic is a delightful dive into 80’s nostalgia. Drawing from that decade was particularly fun for me, having been a teenager in the ’80s myself. We aimed to visually narrate Maxine’s journey based on her experiences and aspirations.
(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

My sources of inspiration spanned the internet, yearbooks, magazines, books, films, and TV shows—essentially, anything and everything.

Working closely with Ti, I ensured that Maxine’s makeup color palette aligned with the film’s overall tone—considering sets, lighting, and costumes. Ti is an excellent visual storyteller, making our collaboration across departments a real pleasure.

We utilized numerous products on set, including iS Clinical skincare, Skin Illustrator inks for freckles, Koh Gen Do foundations, About Face lip pencils, Dior lipsticks, Half Magic Dew Lock, and classic blue eyeshadow. Fans can recreate these looks with Half Magic’s limited release MaXXXine Set.
(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

Makeup for a slasher film is more dramatic, allowing for fun with bold looks. We incorporate prosthetics and gore effects extensively in these types of projects.

The trilogy’s iconic ’70s and ’80s makeup has captivated social media. To create similar looks, I worked closely with Donni Davy and the A24 beauty team to develop the exact shades and textures for these movies. Fans now have an amazing opportunity to purchase this limited-release collection and recreate iconic looks themselves.
(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

Half Magic’s MaXXXine Set is available for $49, down from $57. The set includes a variety of products perfect for achieving Maxine’s iconic style at home. The products include Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint in X Factor, a denim blue eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Single in Hollywood, 1985, for a smoky eye look, and Magic Drip Lip Gloss in VHS Vixen for rosy, glossy lips.

Additionally, Half Magic offers other products such as the Magic Flik Liquid Eyeliner for precise wings, Sculptitude 2-in-1 Lip Liner in Ur My Taupe/Badassery Parade, and the Cheek Fluff Soft Blur Blush in Magic Brownie, perfect for a sun-kissed look. The Glitterpill Eye Paint + Eyeliner in Microcosm is excellent for exploring bold glitter eye looks.

Source: Justin Lubin