“Halle Bailey boosts black self-esteem in new film: A must-watch for all”

By: MRT Desk

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The live-action remake of The Little Mermaid has been making waves since it was announced, especially with the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel. Bailey is proud to be representing the black community with her role and sees it as an opportunity for young black girls to see themselves reflected on the big screen.

The Little Mermaid remake isn’t a carbon copy of the animated classic, as it introduces changes to the characters and songs to better align with current values. Despite some mixed reviews, the movie has been well-received by audiences and is having a positive impact on the black community, in particular, as it offers young black girls a role model they can relate to.

Representation on screen plays a crucial role in shaping how we view ourselves and others. When girls see characters that look like them, it gives them validation and motivation to achieve their goals. Disney has made strides in recent years with introducing diverse princesses like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon. Bailey’s casting as Ariel continues this trend and sets a positive example for future character representations.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure representation for all ethnicities and backgrounds. Introducing diverse characters with different histories and aspirations will empower all girls to dream big and feel seen and validated.

Overall, The Little Mermaid remake with Halle Bailey’s starring role is breaking barriers and strengthening self-esteem and confidence within the black community. Seeing characters that represent diverse communities is an important step forward for positive representation in media.

As the synopsis of the movie states, Ariel goes against her father’s wishes to explore the world above the sea and falls in love with Prince Eric. The tale has captured the hearts of many over the years, and this remake with inclusion and diverse representation offers a new level of connection and pride for viewers.

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