“Halle Bailey’s Luxurious Hair Extensions come with a Hefty Price Tag”

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The highly anticipated remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid has finally hit commercial theaters, receiving praise from the public for Halle Bailey’s outstanding performance as the protagonist. Her voice, acting, and overall presence were captivating to audiences. One significant change to Ariel’s design, particularly her long reddish hair, ended up costing the production team a considerable amount of money.

Disney’s classic remakes were initially accepted by the public as a perfect excuse to return to animated films and see what the company had to offer to new generations. Examples like Cinderella and Aladdin achieved the right balance, making them fan favorites. However, the excitement faded quickly, and viewers began to reject other remakes like Mulan. Nevertheless, The Little Mermaid remake was approved, becoming one of the most anticipated films of the year.

After many rumors, Halle Bailey was cast as the lead role, and although she received racist attacks and threats, she gained recognition for her talent as a singer. Due to the pandemic, the film had to pause filming, and several changes happened to its release date, but Halle was always confident and determined. Ariel’s mermaid tail design, hair, and skin color were more relevant to stay true to the original animation.

Ariel’s hair was a significant aspect of the film, as it is not only red but also essential to the scene where Ariel, mute and with legs, surfaces as a human for the first time. Her hair makes a bow in the sun’s outline, making it one of the most popular scenes. For the live-action version, Halle Bailey’s hair needed to have the same impact, which meant no expense was spared in making it come true.

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Camille Friend, an expert in hair design, was sought-after for the task along with a significant investment made to achieve the perfect color and length necessary for the famous scene. The real-life Halle Bailey wears her hair long and braided to honor her roots, so they kept her natural hair by changing the color and length to duplicate Ariel’s hair.

The process to achieve the perfect hair design was time-consuming and required a lot of work. Friend explained that Halle Bailey’s hair design was too heavy, causing her neck pain, but the effort was worth it in the end as the famous scene was recreated with the help of CGI tweaks. Overall, the production team succeeded in creating an impressive live-action adaptation of a beloved Disney classic, thanks in part to the hair design’s attention to detail.

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