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Halle Bailey’s Top Picks for Disney Villains in The Little Mermaid Film

Disney’s new live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” premiered worldwide on May 19-25, offering a different perspective from the 1989 classic. Despite the initial criticism towards the choice of actress Halle Bailey as the protagonist, the film has received relatively good reception from critics who focused on other aspects.

In an interview with Who, Bailey shared her favorite villains among Disney’s princesses, excluding Ursula despite being her character’s rival. She mentioned Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and the Frog”, whose dark magic skills come from the Beings from the Beyond, requiring innocent souls as payment. Bailey also chose Scar from the first installment of “The Lion King”, whose ability is in deception, arranging the facts to end his brother’s life and take possession of the kingdom.

Developers inspired Ursula’s physical appearance from the famous drag queen Divine, but Melissa McCarthy’s interpretation fades the exaggerated makeup and tentacles into the background. It is revealed in the film that she is the sister of King Triton and seeks to destroy him as revenge for not being the heir to the throne of the sea. This opens the possibility of a spin-off for the character, similar to what Disney has done before with Maleficent and Cruella.

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