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Hallmark Unveils First Look Video for 'Three Wiser Men and a Boy'

Hallmark Unveils First Look Video for ‘Three Wiser Men and a Boy’

The Hallmark Channel has released a First Look video for Countdown To Christmas 2024. Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker, and Tyler Hynes are back. The Brenner brothers are dancing into this holiday season with the highly anticipated sequel Three Wiser Men And A Boy.

On Saturday, the Hallmark Channel aired the First Look teaser of Three Wiser Men And A Baby during the Three Wise Men And A Baby: Extended Cut television premiere. This sequel reunites Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker, and Tyler Hynes in the movie that is set five years after the original. What happens to Stephan, Luke, and Taylor Brenner in the new video?

The first look video of the new movie shows Luke unifying the trio with the chant, “Let’s do it. Christmas at home.” Then, there is a cornucopia of scenes that includes the trio dancing, Luke putting up Christmas lights, the defeated Brenner brothers regrouping, a Christmas tree topping over, and a laser light show with a few mishaps. A lot happens.

Then, another huddle with Luke leading the group on, “We’ve got this!” Next, is Thomas waving, and saying “Hi Dad.”

Finally! There is a Three Wise Men And A Baby sequel. What happens in this Hallmark holiday movie? Luke needs his brothers Stephan and Taylor to help save his son Thomas’ holiday program. The original director of the program has decided to step away. Luke is concerned as this show means so much to five-year-old Thomas. Now, the Brenner brothers are going to step in, using their unique talent for choreographing entertaining holiday dance routines.

Meanwhile, their mom is dating. However, the brothers are not warming up to the man in their mom’s life. Can they overcome their individual fears and allow their mom to find happiness and love? Most of all, can they work together to make this an unexpectedly fantastic Christmas?

Once again, Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell wrote this script along with Russell Hainline (Santa Summit).

Hallmark is kicking off the 15th anniversary of Countdown To Christmas in mid-October. The network should be announcing the official kick-off date in September. Nor has the network shared when they will premiere this Three Wise Men And A Baby sequel. However, it seems likely that it will premiere sometime in November, around Thanksgiving like the original.

Hallmark fans, are you looking forward to the Brenner brothers reuniting in this sequel?

Source: TV Shows Ace