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Hallmark's 'A Very Vermont Christmas' Special

Hallmark’s ‘A Very Vermont Christmas’ Special

Hallmark’s Christmas In July event is set to premiere A Very Vermont Christmas, featuring Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin. McPartlin not only stars in the holiday film but also serves as its executive producer. The movie centers on a local champion skier who collaborates with a Vermont brewmaster to create a seasonal microbrew aimed at saving her family’s business by Christmas.

Ryan McPartlin and Katie Leclerc in A Very Vermont Christmas. Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Off Camera Entertainment
Photo: Ryan McPartlin, Katie Leclerc Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Off Camera Entertainment

The storyline follows Joy, a former championship skier, who has returned to her hometown in Vermont just in time for the holiday season. Despite the festive atmosphere, Joy faces a challenging situation as her family’s ski lodge, Mogul Joes, is struggling to stay afloat following her father’s passing. As bills pile up, Joy and her mother Mary worry if they will survive until Christmas.

Joy, who is also an aspiring brewmaster, learns from her ex-boyfriend Greg about a promising opportunity—a Brew-Ski competition at his newly-revived establishment, Frosty’s. Seeing a potential lifeline, Joy and Mary decide to enter the competition, hoping for a Christmas miracle that will resolve their financial woes.

While skiing one day, Joy has a chance encounter with Zac, a charming man who accidentally crashes into her. Zac, despite his lack of skiing finesse, happens to know a lot about microbrews, as he works for Scholz Beer, Frosty’s beer distributor. Seizing the opportunity, Joy offers Zac ski lessons in exchange for his help in crafting a seasonal microbrew.

Their creation, Hoppy Holiday IPA, becomes the perfect entry for the Brew-Ski competition and quickly gains popularity. The influx of customers at Mogul Joes due to the new IPA begins to alleviate their financial stress. Meanwhile, Joy and Zac start developing a deeper connection, enjoying each other’s company and growing closer.

However, just as things seem to be looking up, Joy encounters a setback. Frosty’s unveils a new brew that tastes eerily similar to their Hoppy Holiday IPA. Suspecting foul play, Joy questions whether Zac betrayed her by sharing the recipe with her ex-boyfriend. With Christmas Eve approaching, Joy must uncover the truth behind the recipe theft, and perhaps find love in the process.

The premiere of A Very Vermont Christmas is scheduled for Saturday, July 20, at 8 p.m. Eastern on the Hallmark Channel. Additionally, the holiday movie will be available on Peacock within 72 hours of its premiere.

Hallmark enthusiasts, do you maintain your holiday spirit by wearing Christmas sweaters and sipping hot chocolate even in July, or do you have different traditions for this festive summer event?

Source: TV Shows Ace