Halloween 2021 in Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest – Wrath of the Cube Queen

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Start, now yes, the event from Halloween 2021 on Fortnite Battle Royale, called Nightmare before the Tempest: Wrath of the Cube Queen. This new Fortnite event brings with it a lot of Halloween content. We tell you everything that has been announced about Fortnitemares 2021, which belongs to the Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2:

Halloween 2021 in Fortnite – Nightmare before the Tempest; all the news

The event Nightmare before the Tempest: Wrath of the Cube Queen Fortnite brings with it numerous novelties, Which are the following:

The Convergence: The purple cubes take the center of the island

The mysterious golden cube he took with him the rest of purple cubes, and now, in The Cataclysm, in the center of the island, a area full of cubes, call The Convergence.

New Boss: The Sentinel

Sentinels are new bosses; huge cube monsters that They’ll drag us to the Parallel when we fight them. If we manage to eliminate them, we will get good loot.

New Halloween weapons and items

Upon return from witch brooms and the pumpkin launcher rocket launcher adds the Parallel Scythe, a new melee weapon. All these objects will now appear all over the island, both in chests and on the ground. Halloween decorations are also making a comeback in the residential areas of the island, and the candies of different flavors and effects.

Stampede of the Horde – Cooperative Play Mode

Game mode Stampede of the Horde returns to Fortnite after several years absent. In this cooperative mode for up to 4 players must remove monsters from cube, collect score multipliers and kill the boss. Has its own missions and free rewards. The free objects that we can get are the following:

  • Brain Juice Backpacking Accessory
  • Queen of the Cube Banner
  • Scream Leader Graffiti with Cuddles
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New missions for The Nightmare Before the Tempest, Ariana Grande, Dark Jonesy, and Ghostbusters

The Nightmare Before the Tempest 2021 event brings with it new missions own and new punch card missions several characters/NPCs: Ariana Grande, Dark Jonesy and Containment Specialist, from The Ghostbusters. All of these missions bring free rewards:

Nightmare Before the Tempest quest rewards: Curse of Raven graffiti, Twilight Showdown Loading Screen and Stela Fuga Furiosa.

Ariana Grande Mission Rewards: Snowplow pick (dark style).

Dark Jonesy Mission Rewards: hang glider Cubic Drop.

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