Halloween 2021: the best Android and iOS apps to give scares and jokes

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The 31 October it can only mean one thing: Halloween, the holiday based on the traditional pagan Samhainthat has inherited part of its elements and turns this All Hallows Eve or the Eve of All Souls into a mixture of fun and scares. And in the night when the border with the kingdom of the dead is diluted, being scared and frightening will be an indispensable condition in many evenings.

And although we continue with a global pandemic, unlike last year, this 2021 there will be parties and meetings, ideal to bring out some of these jokes:

Scary Prank

With that name, it is clear what it is about. Scary Prank App is to set a scare on mobile and that it jumps to the person who is seeing it. The best thing is its customization options, since it allows choose picture, set timer of the time in which it will take to jump the joke, and even to decide what terrifying noise accompanies it. The classic ‘Jumpscare’ scare at the Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

Market Scary Prank App para Android

Ghost Photo

There are times when it is more fun to be scared than to just cause the scare. For example with a photo. If we are at a party in the middle of the field, or in a remote or dark place, and we ask a friend to take a picture of us, can you imagine her face when she sees a ghostly entity in the background? No, you don’t have to go to the forest and look for the Slenderman, just download the Ghost Photo app. With the app open, select a ghost and its situation in which it will appear in the photo, to your left, to the center or to the right, ask them to take a photo of you with your camera and voila: the surprise will be taken by them and you can also share it on social networks.

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One of the best things about the app is the degree of customization, which allows us to choose between floating entities, apparitions, ghostly faces and Victorian specters. You can save photos, undo, add and reload new ghosts, move them around the screen and even create a swarm of hauntings. And of course the sound section is not missing, since you can reproduce up to 6 sounds of those to make the hair stand on end.

Download Ghost Photo for Android

Scary Stories & Creepypasta

The online replica of camping stories and urban legends, Creepypasta has given birth to some of the biggest horror myths and icons on the internet. Through its users, authors and readers we have seen the character of Slender-Man grow, also Jeff the Killer or the abandoned Disney park that nobody seems to remember. And nothing better than reading scary stories on your mobile screen.

Download Scary Stories & Creepypasta for Android

Bajar Scary Stories & Creepypasta para iOS

Halloween sounds

Finally, something to personalize the mobile and that sounds during today as it should sound, we bring you two apps: Tonos con Fiedo is a compilation of melodies, sounds and sound effects that we can add to the applications, functions and services of our smartphone. And the best part is that it is free.

Download Scary Ringtones for Android

Download Scary Ringtones for iOS

And also this Halloween Soundboard, a free free app that allows its users to play all kinds of spooky sounds, from terrifying screams to the flapping of bats, a chainsaw or the sound of a cashier’s clock.

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Halloween Soundbox for Android

Ghosts and Pumpkins AR at home

Open the Google app on a mobile and type human skeleton in Search. You will see the option to see a skeleton, which by clicking on ‘Distant and 3D’ and open it, it will begin to dance to the sound of 100% Halloween music. But the best thing is when you use the option ‘See in your space’, because then augmented reality works its magic, and you can have a dancing skeleton in your house, moving among the furniture.

And since it is AR, you can approach with your mobile, zoom or simply rotate around it to see it in 360º. Here is the list of new things to see in 3D that Google has put in, including black cats with witch hats, or pumpkins with sinister smiles. Write the following in the Google app:

  • Black cat
  • Halloween
  • Human skeleton
  • Jack -o’-lantern


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