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Halloween bad guy never dies, but why?

Without Michael Myers there is no Halloween movie. That’s one of the most plausible reasons why the antagonist in the films has never quite died. The truth is that there are several theories about it, but nothing that officially explains the reasons Myers always survives. Laurie Strode managed to rip his head off in H20, but that story is no longer part of the story line for Halloween Kills, the most recent film.

Theories of Eternal Life by Michael Myers

In an interview with IGN, the director of the new films, Gordon Green, confirms that he is not a supernatural entity, but Myers is capable of spectacular actions. He considers that he uses fear to transcend the character and spread terror throughout the city. At that point, it seems to suggest the existence of a curse, but doesn’t go into more detail. In the fictionalized version, they count on Sensation, it is said that Michael Myers sees the ghost of a crippled child, which encourages him to continue massacring. This hints at the possibility that this version of the killer is not exactly human.

More supernatural is the version of Halloween 6, a demonic sect that introduced the demon of thorn on Michael Myers body to avoid death and disease. In this case, possession is what frees him from death and allows him to perform completely supernatural movements. When the constellation Thorn appears in the sky, the boy kills his entire family. On the other hand, this curse is linked to the druids and the Halloween party.

Regardless, the cult’s storyline was unsuccessful and has been buried in the new movies. Will Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills? We’ll find out on October 22, but given that there is Halloween Ends, which will be released in 2022, little hope remains that the killer will be buried forever. Laurie Strode still has a few nightmares left.

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