Halo Infinite: 343 Says “Ready” to Fight Cheaters

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Halo Infinite debuted the multiplayer beta following the 20th anniversary event for the Xbox brand. The title developed by 343 Industries has convinced by its playable proposal, although the study admits that the progression system must improve, so it will be one of its priorities. Another issue you have to deal with is the thorny problem of cheats, which mainly affects online games. Given the complaints of the players, the CM of the company, John Junyszek, has referred to the issue on social networks, where he has assured that they are prepared for the contingencies that are to come.

“Let’s talk about cheating!”, He writes on the social network. “Unfortunately, cheats are a natural part of the support of F2P games on PC, is something we have planned. They will never completely disappear, but we are prepared and committed to reinforcing our game systems with consistent improvements, as well as taking action against offenders, ”he says.

In a later message, the community manager has clarified that these actions not only include anti-heat technology, but also “the rest of the game”. The approach is not to focus on a single system, but in a broad set of aspects. It also asks players to report any conduct that could lead to infractions of this kind.

December 8, official launch

Halo Infinite is divided into two parts, the multiplayer mode and the campaign mode. While the first of them will be available for free to all players (under the model free-to-play), the campaign will be launched as a paid product. The beta version can already be enjoyed with all the modalities and maps that will be at launch, but the final title (everything final that can be a game in constant evolution) will arrive together with the story mode on December 8.

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What’s new from 343 Industries is designed to Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S. After a delay of more than a year, the product is finally ready, although elements as classic and important as the cooperative campaign or the Forge mode will not arrive until well into 2022.

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