Halo Infinite dazzles with more than 10 minutes of gameplay dedicated to the campaign

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Halo Infinite shows unreleased material from the campaign mode. IGN coverage, which has already left us with the new multiplayer map, now focuses on the next plot chapter of the Master Chief. This gameplay follows the line that already starred in the last 343 Industries showcase. This is the combat in the ring.

Among the most prominent elements is the prints about boss fights. The publication reveals that there are “some” during the first hours of the campaign. As we saw in the last video, these enemies have their own life bar, which distinguishes them from the rest of the basic enemies.

“The map is not as big as that of an Assassin’s Creed or Red Dead. What it seems to offer is excellent combat. It’s closer to the Batman Arkham games in terms of ‘open world‘”Reveals IGN. At the bottom of this paragraph you can see a small glimpse of the initial level of the campaign. Naturally it has certain revelations as far as the setting is concerned, so we do not recommend that you watch it if you want to arrive clean at launch. This time it is Game Informer who shows it.

Less than a month to launch

Doubts are cleared: less than a month remains for its official launch. Halo Infinite will leave the delays behind, the lack of information and the shadows that have loomed their way to the market. The Master Chief is now ready to debut in the next generation and beyond. It will, yes, leaving behind some key functionalities, such as cooperative mode. It will arrive in the near future, but on the first day we can only enjoy combat with John-117 in a single player format.

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In MeriStation we already offered you our impressions of the multiplayer facet, which you can read at this link. Remember that Halo Infinite is scheduled to be marketed next December 8 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Source: IGN | Game Informer


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