Halo Infinite developers will continue to tweak the controversial progression system, though fan complaints continue to mount.

The 343 Industries chief designer has said that the studio’s development team will continue to tweak the controversial progression system from Halo Infinite, but fan complaints continue to rise.

Jerry Hook, the Chief Designer at 343, addressed a Twitter last weekend for reassure the players, saying that he too “feel everyone’s pain regarding progression” in the game. Speaking more about the system in Infinite, Hook said: “We will be back next week and this will be the first on my list [el objetivo principal] with the team.”.

343 announced just under two weeks ago that it was looking to make changes to the game’s Battle Pass system. Through social media, many fans have filed complaints about the slow progression in the game.. These mainly focused on the different challenges that players must complete in order to gain XP in the Battle Pass, as well as in the lack of XP obtained by completing and participating in matches on Infinite.

Since the issue was originally investigated, 343 has made changes to the game that have helped smooth out the experience a bit. In doing so, the study extended the deadline for XP boosts to one hour and modified the way XP is earned, meaning players can now earn some XP by completing matchmaking.

Other changes to the game were put on hold as the team had been on vacation for a part of the past week. On November 24, 343 Community Director Brian Jarrard tweeted about the team’s absence during the holiday period. Changes will take time and our priority this week is to give the team a well-deserved break from their vacation after a long final stretch.. Thanks for your understanding.”Jarrard said.

Unfortunately, during this time, the frustrations players feel over Halo Infinite’s progression have not been helped by the limited event Fracture: Tenrai, which was released for the game last week. Following the launch of Tenrai, it became clear that players could not fully complete the in-game event-based Battle Pass during the week it was running.

In fact, those who participate in Tenrai can only complete a finite number of challenges during the first week of the event. This means that to advance and unlock everything in the event pass, players will need to return to the challenge during a series of Additional Tenrai-themed events during the first season of Infinite.

While the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite still it is running as a beta version right now, the community hopes that the team can effectively solve the problems with the progression of the game before its full launch on December 8, 2021.

That being said, the issues with game progression are not the only factors that negatively affect 343 Industries’ point of view to the community. The fact is that reports have emerged that seem to indicate that the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite is suffering from a large influx of cheaters. You can read more about this matter here.

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